Welcome to the Wharton Kids Club!

The Wharton Kids Club is here to serve as a resource for families to make the transition to Wharton and Philadelphia easier while also providing great activities and friendships along the way. 

The Wharton Kids Club (WKC) is comprised of families within the Wharton community who are experiencing the two years of business school either with children or expecting children. Business school is a challenge for everyone with rigorous academics and busy recruiting schedules and the WKC was formed to serve as a support network during such a unique adventure!

The WKC strives to support these diverse families, a group who has come from all over the globe—New York, San Francisco, Paris, and even as far as Seoul and Moscow. All of us have brought different professional and personal experiences to Wharton, but most of us are living in Philadelphia for the first time and are learning the city as we go along!

The most important part of the Wharton Kids Club is our children. We want to create a wonderful two years for them as well as for ourselves in beautiful Philadelphia, and the Wharton Kids Club serves as an integral part of that experience.