About WKC

Who are we?
Adjusting to life at Wharton can be difficult for students, partners, and families alike. With so many changes at once—new city, new studies, new housing and new people—it is easy to get overwhelmed. The Wharton Kids Club provides a community of people who can provide support during this time of change for your family. Our playgroups, quarterly parties, and organized outings offer you and your children the opportunity to make friends and more fully enjoy the Wharton experience. The WKC community is also very active on Facebook, and members frequently post answers to questions and information about events going on around town.

Who can join the club? 
If you or your partner are a Wharton student (or otherwise involved with Wharton) and you have (or are expecting) kids, you are welcome to join.

How much does it cost? 
You can either purchase a 2-year membership for $99, or a 1-year membership for $55.

How do I join? 
If you are interested in joining the Wharton Kids Club, please go to the Wharton Groups page, search for Wharton Kids Club, select one or two year membership and click "Join." Click "Register on CampusGroups" on the bottom, fill in your info and submit. With your paid registration, you will then be added to our database and receive weekly newsletters and invitations to activities.

Who runs WKC?
WKC is run by a board of parents and parents-to-be, just like you! To learn more about our board members, click here.