1. Go to 
  2. Click I want to Register. Enter your personal email address, NOT the email of a Wharton student. 
  3. In order to register with Wharton CampusGroups, you need to indicate which group you want to join. Find Wharton Kids Club on the list. Select the box beside Wharton Kids Club and choose either $99 (2 year membership) or $55 (1 year membership) in the drop-down menu, then click Join
  4. This will take you back out to the registration page. Click Register on CampusGroups at the bottom of the page. 
  5. Complete your profile, filling out the required fields (name, gender, email, password, graduation year, school), and click Submit. This will take you to Paypal to pay the membership fee. 
  6. Once the payment goes through, go back to the homepage ( and find Account -> Edit Profile in the top right corner. 
  7. Change your account type to MBA Partner and click Save at the bottom of the screen. This will allow you to join the Wharton Graduate Association Club that all the Wharton students are automatically enrolled in without paying a fee. Once you’re in WGA, you can also join other Wharton clubs. If you have any questions, please email us at 
REMINDER: The Wharton Kids Club is a separate club from the Partners Club and requires a separate membership fee and registration. For more information, please visit the Wharton Partners Club website.